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Central Business Improvement District - CBID

We are the primary driving force for the recruitment, retention, increasing property values, employment and housing opportunities for Downtown Fort Smith.
We are committed to an action-oriented operating philosophy and strive to simplify the process of starting, maintaining and growing a business in
Downtown Fort Smith.

We can also assist in the initial plans to help the developer in the application process for Historic Tax Credits. Although once thought to be too difficult a process we now know the rules of the game and have been awarded both State and Federal Tax Credits on several projects recently totaling over $700,000.00 to the investor. Call us early in the planning process for assistance. You can also learn more at the Arkansas Preservation web site at

For more History on the local Fort Smith CBID - History CBID 

Our Mission
  • Develop and promote businesses ­ 
  • Continue positive marketing for the district and develop and maintain the branding of the area as a LIVE-WORK-PLAY environment
  • Build relationships with property owners.
  • Encourage property owners to develop their property, lease it or sell it - 
  • Seek out new businesses, residential, grocery, expanded retail, more entertainment/dining, corporate headquarters, boutique hotel, saving the industrial and manufacturing for other locations within the City's boundary.
  • Participate in the planning process with private/public sources for optimum utilization of vacant land within the boundary . 
  • Co-operate with other downtown entities working on Economic Development: The Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Fort Smith Convention Center, Belle Grove Property Owners, Fort Smith Historical Society, 
  • Create and Support events to encourage crowds of citizens and visitors to the area